Early morning is the time for existential angst, especially when you are driving to work, thinking about where you are headed, which is true literally also.
One of these mornings, I happened to catch a line on the radio, “Sab Ka Maalik ek hai ”
Now, this got me thinking, what does this actually mean, how does this work on the ground.
This wasn’t surprising, as I am reading Elif Shafak’s Three Daughters of Eve these days.
This wonderful book has these lines at the beginning
“Would you come if someone called you
by the wrong name?
I wept, because for years
He did not enter my arms;
then one night I was told a secret;
perhaps the name you call God
is not really His,
maybe it’s just an alias.
-Rabia, the first woman Sufi saint, eighth century, Iraq”

Now, coming back to San Ka Maalik ek hai.
This is such an easy statement to make, and get away with, especially the times we live in, surely no one can fault you for saying this.
But what does this actually mean.
For a believer, or a non believer.
A believer, who believes in a higher being responsible for creation, it is almost impossible to get away from the fact, that God created everything, even the people who belong to a different religion, or people who don’t believe at all.
The believer must believe that all are God’s children, and therefore cannot ( emphasis cannot ) be hated, because, if my God created me, and loves me, so did he create the “other” and therefore ( my) God loves them too.
What does this translate to ? That we are all God’s children, and must love ( emphasis love ) each other at best, and NOT hate each other at the very least.
This requires effort, and the constant realisation, that the “other” is God’s creation as well, they didn’t just materialise out of thin air.
If we believe in God, and are infact so enamored by our religion, that we must take arms to “defend ” it ( absurd as it is, but that’s another story ), do we pause for one minute to think that we are rising in violence against God’s own children, our siblings ?
Does this violence benefit anyone ?
The perpetrators ? Certainly not the victim.
The very least damage that this violence dose is to the economy, our day to day survival, the rozi roti, not to mention the havoc it creates in the personal lives of those involved ?
Stop a minute to think.
Can anyone live at peace ( emphasis peace ) , be at peace, with violence, or hatred in their hearts ?
Love is the way to go, it benefits everyone.
Believe in it, if not for God’s pleasure, or other grand motives, at least to get along with the daily grind with at least some peace of mind, some stability, some dignity, some life.
And if you are a non believer, well then you already have the answer, all of us came from the same primordial soup, there is no reason to hate anyone, we are in this together, we live some years on this blue planet, and then we die, and become dust.
And while we are alive, we might as well make it worthwhile, worth the time and effort of being alive, because hate is a colossal waste of time, money, resources, and productivity.
Get along, smile more, love a little, live more.
Love, only if for the most selfish of motives, is the way to go.