It’s a strange world.

Post truth and all.

The world seems to be under some sort of a dark veil.

The globe under cover of a grey veil of half truths and outright lies.

Everyone knows about it, even talks about it, but won’t do anything about it.

It suits them, this cover of darkness, keeps them comforted.

I dreamt of this veil last night, a grey veil with seams, covering the beautiful blue globe of ours.

I imagined I was superman, looking at this grey veiled globe from outer space.

I flew down to the globe, caught hold of the veil, tore at the seams, and started uncovering the globe, as the globe revolved past.

I was left with a heap of this grey cloth, at the edge of the earth.

I burnt it in a bonfire.

There was a huge pile of ash left, I took it with me to space.

As I was flying past, I sprinkled it into the earth’s atmosphere.

The ash created a rainbow over the blue planet, I smiled.