I have never liked the idea of ” RIP”
Do we ask the person, would he have liked to RIP, or would he have wanted to live ?
This is just another way of consoling ourselves. Just as we console ourselves with statements like ” his pain is over” ” he is at a better place”
But I don’t like this, I mourn the loss. The loss of a life cut short. Of so much that could have been. Of so much that wasn’t to be.
Nadeem would have wanted to live more. He would have wanted to see his sister getting married.
He would have wanted to get married.
He would want to have a family.
He would have wanted to enjoy his work. His music , his poetry.
He would have wanted to be there for his parents in his old age.
( he would have wanted more followers on Twitter :-D. ) ( that’s how he would have said it )
I knew Nadeem for four short years.
And he got on to become one of my best friends.
Always there for me, without judgement, without condition, but always with a PJ.
Ziddi tha bohat, apni zid mein duniya se bhi chala gaya.
Always cheerful, always trying to cheer people up.
Even though he wasn’t well, he had a zest which was unparalleled.
Ek din akele bike leke  chala gaya Himachal.
He loved to explore , take photographs, and then write beautiful blogs about them.
It was he who always came up with plans to meet. To explore.
I remember the time Aaquib came to visit last year, he spent the two days with us, was exhausted, but never complained. He went along with everything that we did. With his characteristic smirk. :-D. ( or 😛 )
His passing has left a crater. The air seems too heavy to breath.
I can’t bear to look at his Twitter TL, or blog, but I keep going there again and again.
I wish we had more time together.
Naddy boi, tu changa nahin kitta.

” Tanha gaye kyun, ab raho tanha koi din aur ” .