Children were murdered in Peshawar today.
I am sad, even crying. And angry.
I can’t even imagine what it must be like.
My mind keeps going back to those images.
And keeps asking the same questions.
Basically, one question.
And how?
How could they have planned it out, knowing that there were children involved.
How could they could point a gun at those kids?
How could they have gone ahead with the shooting?
How could they have seen them bleeding, and in pain?
How could they watch them die?
How could they have taken such a burden on their souls?
Do they even have souls?
Are they even human?
They must be.
Animals don’t kill for pleasure or revenge.
Animals don’t plan terrorist attacks.
Animals don’t have guns.
And what about the parents?
How do they deal with it?
Curse themselves for sending their kids to school?
Pray to and curse their God ?
Cry till they are hoarse?
With no one to listen to them?
The dead remain dead for ever.
Will Pakistan come to its senses?
Will the world?
Or will it try to rationalize?
Will there be apologists?
( next time I see a terror apologist/ conspiracy theorist , I am going to gut them alive.)
Will it be about “us” and “them”?
Will it be about some mistaken sense of “salvation ” and “pride “?
“Pride”. The Nemesis of our generation.
The bane of the subcontinent.
Get over it.
I wish we have the sense to rise over this.
Before it is too late.
Let us mourn together the loss.
Let us be humans together.
“Bas ki dushwar hai har kaam ka asaan hona, aadmi ko bhi muyyasar nahin insaan hona. “