Today, I tell you about Rinku.
Who was he?
He was my kid, the love of my life, the apple of my eye, and so much more.
He was my cat.
I was 13, longing for a pet, specifically I wanted to keep chickens, and I would often tell my mom, “Mummy, I want a pet”
I hoped she would take the hint and let me keep chickens. ( I had some a few years ago)
She took the hint, but it turned out different than I had planned ( doesn’t it always? )
My mom went to her cousins one day, and guess what she got from there?
The cutest thing I ever saw, a three week old kitten, white body, grey stripes on the tail, and a similar colored “m” shaped mark on the forehead.
And those eyes. Man, so much longing there.
I knew nothing about cats, but mom’s cousin had provided the basic information.
I still remember the first day with him.
And how it broke my heart to leave him alone for the night in the “spare room ” we had.
Little did I know.
I don’t think he slept much that night, and neither could I. But i was under stict instructions not to “spoil ” him.
And the name. Ah yes.
Rinku. Some years ago, my cousin and I tried to domesticate a stray cat, and named him Rinku. He didn’t stay. But I had a name ready.
He would be Rinku.